Cheers To My Maternal 2nd Great Grandfathers

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I consider myself fortunate to have the four maternal 2nd Great Grandfathers that I have. They were all extremely successful, not just with their careers (a physician/county chemist, a pharmacist/ink & mucilage manufacturer, a cooper/inventor/factory supervisor, and a lumber baron) but also in their communities. They all were devoted to their families and perhaps that is why, throughout the decades, they have always been held in the highest regard when spoken of. This certainly made it a lot easier to find information on them even without the internet, a drivers license, and a “street light” curfew in the early 90’s.

Jayne GrandpasBirth: 13 Jan 1850
Worlington, Suffolk, England

Death: 19 Sept 1934
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan


Birth: 29 Jul 1860
Hondingen, Villingen, Baden, Germany

Death: 09 Jun 1932
Riverside, Essex, Ontario, Canada


Mike GrandpasBirth: 20 Jun 1848

Victor, Ontario, New York

Death: 25 Jun 1912

Gaylord, Otsego, Michigan

Birth: 17 Nov 1853

Allumette Island, Quebec, Canada

Death: 24 April 1924

Detroit, Wayne, Michigan


May they rest in peace


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