Sometimes you just need to ask!

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Hudsonian - July 1960

While visiting the Burton Historical Collection this morning at the Detroit Public Library, I asked the librarian if the Hudson Department Store collection had staff photos since my great grandmother Keller retired from there in 1960. While the collection did not have staff records (those are at the Target Archives. Yes, they have an archive.), there were issues of the store’s monthly staff magazine called The Hudsonian. I’m so glad that I asked 🙂


Frances Keller 1960

Happy Hunting!
Deidre Erin

5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to ask!

    1. I agree Elaine. I met my best friend in college at Michigan State University but we never met in the 10 years we lived a 1/2 mile from each other.

  1. Sorry, Deidre, I got distracted by the Target Archives and forgot to say thanks for mentioning The Hudsonian, which I’d never heard of. I wonder how you happened to find the mention of your great grandmother. Surely the magazine hasn’t been indexed? Did you just go through the issues around the date of her retirement? I tried doing a DPL catalog search for “Hudsonian” and it didn’t come up in the search. Do you know how many issues they have and what time period is covered? (Sorry, lots of questions! You had a really cool find!)

    1. Hi T.K.,
      You’re very welcome! I hadn’t heard of the Hudsonian before either. I knew when my great grandmother retired from Hudson’s because she died a week before her planned August 1 retirement (23 July 1960). My Mom, who adored and idolized her grandmother (sorta like me and my Grandma Jayne), just spent the last week with her grandma up at the family cottage in Ontario.

      I’m sure if you call or email the Burton Historical Library they can tell you the years they have for the Hudsonian.

      Happy Hunting TK 🙂

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