Just NO!

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My Name is “No” The nice weather is finally showing up in force nationwide. It’s time for bleary-eyed genealogists to head out into the world and hunt for ancestors in the wild. This means traipsing in fields and graveyards to find the physical evidence of those who have gone before. With the fresh air and […]

Where are you going? Part 2

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Last time we spoke, I talked of having a goal for where your research was going. It’s important to know what you’ll consider an “end point” for any one relative, branch, or tree in general. But what about our biggest “end point”? What happens to your research when you’re gone? The relative theory Do you […]

Where’s It All Going? Part 1

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Why do you research family history? Is there a specific relative you’re trying to learn more about? Are you researching a specific family line? Are you going backwards as far as you can go? Or are you going from one ancestor forward to all living descendants? Basically, what are you researching? Often heard in genealogy […]

The Uncertainty Principle

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I don’t follow the news. It’s not that I stay out of touch with the world, but it seems media outlets go through enormous effort to get the story out to the public before the competition. The problem with this approach is the data loss. First, they need a catchy headline or lead-up that will […]

Questionable Queries – How To Get A Useful Reply To Your Genealogy Questions

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I started to write this post about forming a good query for Facebook groups: how to ask a question in such a way as to get a real and accurate response. In the end, however, I came to the realization that the same sins perpetrated on Facebook crop up in genealogy forums and emails, so […]

Beginning Military Research

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If you’ve never considered the military aspect of genealogy research, you may not know why it can be important to you or your family. The deeper your roots in American history, the more likely you will run into ancestors who served or were at least eligible to serve and were required to inform the government […]