Diving Deep Into Military Records

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When it comes to genealogy, there are the backyard-pool researchers, the Olympic swimmers, and the deep-sea divers. Hopefully, those terms have brought to your mind images of ever increasing skill and experience so that you can follow along with what I’m about to lay down for y’all about how your swimming skills are holding back […]

No Pension? Don’t Overlook Compiled Service Records.

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Was your Civil War ancestor wounded, a POW, and/or one of the many brave soldiers who did not make it home at all? When a family historian learns of a new Civil War ancestor, we become giddy with the possibly of ordering a pension that could knock down one or several brick walls with the […]

Sometimes you just need to ask!

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While visiting the Burton Historical Collection this morning at the Detroit Public Library, I asked the librarian if the Hudson Department Store collection had staff photos since my great grandmother Keller retired from there in 1960. While the collection did not have staff records (those are at the Target Archives. Yes, they have an archive.), there […]

Time to Tally Up Your Family Tree for 2016

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New Years is an excellent time to tally up your family tree for 2016. The goal of this exercise is to calculate the percentage of ancestors you know of up to your 7th great grandparents.   I’ve added a little guide to calculating your family tree in less than an hour if you have a […]

Weekend Finds

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Genie Dance!!! ! Came across a blog post this weekend about one of my favorite maternal 2nd great grandfathers, Robert Keller and <gasp>… I did not write it. I’ve collected Keller Ink bottles, crocks, ads, and random kick-knacks since high school so seeing a new ad was the highlight of my day. Kaul Glove Factory / […]

The Unfortunate End Of Lyman Thorp

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    Over the years, there have been quite a few collateral relatives, for one reason or another, I’ve semi adopted. One in particular, Lyman Thorp, has always been one of my favorites. Born in Watertown, New York in 1827, Lyman was the third son of Ebenezer Hudson and Lucinda (Gray) Thorp. He led a […]

McConville Family Fight Goes to the Michigan Supreme Court

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Perhaps if my 3rd GGM didn’t dress her son as a pimp at 11 yrs old, maybe he wouldn’t have flaunted rolls of cash & worn sparkling diamonds. William McConville was a life-long bachelor.  

Obituary: Death Overtakes Woman While She Sings at Work

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While working on my paternal side a while back, I noticed a bunch of wiggling leaves when I was adding a few items to the profile of my 2nd Great Grandmother, Elizabeth (Epperson) Hodson. I was pleasantly surprised that a fellow Hodson family researcher had uploaded a copy of her obituary on the front page […]